playing with mud

Fun, Functional, Artistic Ceramics

Some Background

Brian and Kathleen divide their time between the picturesque city of Vancouver, and the small community of Comox on Vancouver Island.

Comox enjoys a rich mixture of artisans of all walks, but particularly ceramics, given the very popular Fine Arts program at the North Island College. Brian and Kathleen take inspiration from the potters’ community, as well as the beautiful beach view from their home on the outskirts of Comox. Eagles nest amonst the tall trees along the coastline, in particular a dedicated pair just behind their property.

Sample Gallery

Blue Galaxy

This is a beautiful glaze combination using a runny celadon chun glaze with added cobalt for an intense blue. A white satin glaze is layered on top, and as it melts creates eddies of white in the blue glaze.

A Simple Bowl (that's special)

Blue glazes are easy to make... if you use cobalt. However, this is an IRON glaze. Iron glazes usually create reddish-brown colours in oxidation, but under the right conditions, a blue colour can be coaxed. This is one glaze that turns blue, but only on a dark iron-laden clay body, and breaks brown over texture. Please pass the chilli.

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